Monday, February 18, 2019

a piece of barbed wire that runs
between this world and that world
on the other side there is a tree
leafless lifeless broken
sometimes a bird comes and sits on one of its branches
trying to sing,
trying to bring it back to life
hopeful for a short while
before it gives up and flies away
what is dead once is dead forever
an old woman in a village once said to me
that if you curse a tree enough, it will die
i wonder how much hate it took to kill a flowering tree like this one
maybe it's the intensity of the hatred that kills and not the time spent hating
if you hated someone enough you could invisibly choke them,
slowly, one glance at a time, one word at a time,
even if they were under the same roof
look at it with enough dislike
and it would take not long for it to wither
build a barbed wire fence all around it
so it wouldn't be able to grow
it chokes on itself,
one small root at a time
using up whatever quota of happiness it has been feeding on
until one day
it gives up
and just lets go of its soul
the bird knows not
that no amount of singing will ever wake it up
for when freedom is but an illusion
how can I find the will to go on living? 

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