Monday, February 18, 2019

in a noisy train when the whole world is passing by,
you lie alone listening to the cacophany of a thousand thoughts
the panic rises slowly in the pit of your stomach
the shadow that creeps over your shoulder whispering 'you have no one'
so you fight it
and fill your mind with things that you would do,
could do with that someone you hold dear
and so you say stupid stuff
desperate words,
slicing open your insides and putting it out in a text
and you want to say 'i miss you and wish you were here'
but you say something stupid like 'i want to count the stars with you'
and they delight
and send hearts
and speak of some starry night
and how they spent it in the company of someone really wonderful,
but that wonderful is not you,
and you feel stupid and silly because all you thought of was you and him and him and you,
but now there are ghosts of people past,
and moments past,
and you will never be able to snuff them out from his life,
so you lie alone and think of that someone
and when the tears seep out
you sigh
and you lie alone in that noisy train
listening to the cacophany of a thousand thoughts

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