Friday, June 08, 2018

Teach us to be proud of us

Sorry to offend but if only women had the confidence that men have,
some of us would also be hairy, paunchy, smelly and bald at all amusement parks
but we cover up,
we look for that one hair left behind,
we look for that one strand of grey hair
that one imperfection that makes us sick
the wrong shade of lipstick
winged eyeliner gone wrong
body odour a little too strong
sweat stains in all places wrong
eyebrows not done
hair tied in a bun
the skin darkened by the sun
omg, did you Photoshop your selfie and hair
you look sooo fair
omg, your skin is dark
here take this fairness cream - they bark.

We look for excuses to criticise our flaws
to joke about them with friends
then hide behind iron curtains and nitpick each one
we are scared of the Hai-Hais and Hawwws
from other women
like you
like me
have their own flaws
If only we taught our daughters to celebrate their bodies
and taught our daughters-in-law to find beauty in their bodies
we would also be as cool as men

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