Tuesday, June 12, 2018

All that I have, I give to you

it all starts in the same way
you have beautiful eyes
your smile makes me melt
i love your words, write to me, babygirl write for me.
it leads to a kiss
some handholding
a compliment
a promise of everlasting love
red velvety carpets of flattery
until you give in
bowled over
head over heels in love with them
then you spend nights and hours and minutes with them
feeling like nothing in the world could go wrong if you were with them
then an exchange of words
and more exchanges of words
until you start feeling that disconnect
the realisation that something is lacking
that something is amiss
it is now not the same as before
the compliments stop
the flattery stops
all the I miss you every minute stops
then it is you begging them to stay
then it is you begging them to call
somewhere along the way instead of them chasing you
it becomes you running after them
then the nights that you wonder what went wrong
and why they act this way
If they only knew the rivers of tears that you let loose
and the pieces of your heart that you handed out
to all and sundry
hoping someone will stay
for a while
for a little while longer
to know what makes you, you
and uncover what goes on in your mind
and quell the fears that you have
the love letters you wrote to all and sundry
Oh, but they made paper planes out of them
and ran laughing in the wind
while you stood there
let down
wondering why they won't stay
"Silly girl, you gave them your all, and that is why they walked all over you, because you gave them your all"
but how do you love them, if you don't give them your all, all of you?
because isn't that what they teach you about love?
isn't that how you are supposed to love?
you show them all, you give them all of you
your darkness and your light,
your sanity and your insanity
isn't that how you love?
so why do they stop loving you
after they have got your all?

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