Thursday, May 31, 2018


You wish there was a way to
be with someone
without getting all these feelings in.
maybe if how the poets put it was indeed true
that the heart is a party pooper because it gets attached
you would rip your heart out and throw it and be with people
so that when they leave you
it wouldn't be a mess
but if you did that you would die because it is all different in the real world you see
you would have to sever the arteries and veins and cut through muscles and have the blood squirt everywhere
but it would still be less painful
than someone leaving you
in the middle of nowhere
standing in a storm of all the love letters you wrote for them
standing in a murky pool of tears overgrown with algae and weeds of despair
standing forlorn and alone wondering
why the fuck
you gave them
all of you, the whole of you
when all they wanted was
parts of you

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