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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011) - Hindi - movie review

(This movie review was written by me last year, but since I had this sudden burst of idea that once my blog was on the public search lists, I must put up the reviews too, I have copied it out here. My FB account is more or less like a blog with all sorts of debates, criticisms, discussions storming it, so it just makes sense for me to paste from there)

Director : Zoya Akhtar

Main cast - Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, Farhan Akhtar

We did think it was apt to watch this movie today. After all wasn't it about friendship? But I came away with mixed reactions. And I won't mince words now.

Firstly on the conversation part it seemed like one of the impromptu road trips (local ones) that I take with select friends in my own way.
Secondly it was too long. I mean how long can you stretch perfectly normal connverstaions between 3 friends?
However, and this is a big However, absolute paisa vasool since u now don't need to go to Spain. Though they did not cover the beach at Barcelona. 

Or did they? Sorry, I was too busy watching Kat....She looks DIVINE and absolutely kissable and thank God they paired Hrithik opposite her. 
(And yes they knew she was absolutely kissable, so they did manage to fit a 2 sec lip-lock scene in). But the director kind of treated Kat n the other Spanish gal, like some use-n-throw pens, which I did not like much, maybe they were there just to up the glam quotient.
There is an Unnecessary scene of Farhan n the Spanish gal in bed, since he is shown having the hots for Kat (who should take diction classes from Sonia Gandhi).
An un-needed angle of Naseerudiin, they could have made it intellectual if they had shown Farhan doing it over the phone (the conversation with his father, I mean).
But But But if u did take away these, then what would be there in the movie? Nothing except it would have looked like u were watching NatGeo, Animal Planet, TLC and Discovery all at once.
And yet, I loved the fact that a Bollywood movie was so classy, so classy in its treatment of the Smooch.
And is there or isn't there a foreign hand in the way they captured the Underwater World? If there isn't, kudos to the guys behind it.
Watch it for the adrenaline-filled, heart-in-your-mouth filming of the Sky-diving, Tomatina and the Bull Fight scenes. All the 3 have been in my Things-to-Do-Before-I-Die list since schooldays, but now I'm absolutely panicking.
And yes the fun banter between the 3, especially their antics is cute n funny. Watch it also for the fact that Hrithik, whom I usually do not prefer either in the face or the body dept., looks like a Greek God.
While, paling in comparision, Abhay looks and talks a little 'girlish', but his dimples will make sure u don't notice it.
Farhan is cute throughout, except when he is crying.

In fact, there is no acting skill required here because the whole gang is just doing what it does everyday - hanging out with each other, verbal parries, witty remarks, fun-banters.
Overall a film commendable, watchable, clean and cute. You might feel just a little bored, especially some time after the interval, but the Bulls will bring back the smileys. 

Though not exactly close to Dil Chahta hain or 3 Idiots, ZNMD is a film U must watch, atleast once, for that 'goodie-goodie' feeling.

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" While, paling in comparision, Abhay looks and talks a little 'girlish', but his dimples will make sure u don't notice it. "