Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mera Bharat Mahan - Par Mein Nahin..!

       So tomorrow is Independence Day? More than 6 decades ago, India gained freedom, a handful of wiry men in Loin-cloths, went hoarse shouting for freedom from the British. Many leaders came and vowed to make India nothing like what the Britishers had made us. 
       So today, everyone of us will be 'proud' to be an Indian. 
       We will send our kids proudly off to school for a flag-hoisting ceremony without knowing why we do it - hoist the flag that is, sending them to school, we must, that would take them off our hands wouldn't it? 
       We will make them wear little caps and paint their faces with the colors of the Tri-color.
       We will buy those 10 rs wallah small flags being sold at Traffic Signals. 
       Then we will host a party at home - Arrey zaroor aaiyega, aaj hum dinner rakh rahe hain, Chutti hain na? Chalo socializing ho jaye’
       The kids will sing Jana Gana Mana with their hands glued to their foreheads like little  tin toy soldiers, without knowing how it came into existence. The teachers will sing alongwith, while inside they are actually cribbing at having had a Holiday spoilt. 
       Some technologically advanced schools will set up projectors and play ‘Gandhi’ or such (all the while yawning), while at home, people will watch with glee films like ‘Roja’, ‘Indian’ etc where they serve up patriotism with dhishum-dhishums. 
       We will scold the under-age-servant and make him work harder. But no, we, the educated ones, will not ponder that child-labour is illegal. No, we will make those 10-12 year olds change the baby’s nappy, clean out commodes without a care. We are paying them after all, right? 
       By the time kids come home from school, it is time to have a family-meal. Who cares about the millions in our country going hungry? My obese idiotic child’s belly is all that matters to me. 
       We will clean our houses and throw the ‘kachra’  onto the roads without a care in the world. 
       We will keep the tap open while brushing,  enjoying the soothing lilting melody of water gushing forth, without thinking of the lakhs of people who get 15 minutes of water every 3-4 days. Aren’t we the posh ones? The ones with status, money? 
       Oh it is evening, ‘chalo, chalo, let us go out’’ and we will each take out our 4 cars, one for each person, no, no, the word ‘car-pooling’ does not exist in our dictionaries. 
       And then we will go out and proudly gloat over the new swanky malls and buildings coming up in areas that were marked for ‘garden Projects’  by the city. 
       Gleefully, we will spit and compete on who can redden a public building corner first. 
       And write ‘Tinku loves Pinku’ on World-Heritage buildings. While our children observe us and mimic us and grow up inheriting these ‘legacies’.  
       Oh, yes and how can we forget updating our FB status spaces with claims of how we love India and how glorious it is and what-nots? 
       So we walk around like proud peacocks, never mind the fact that we, actually have done absolutely nothing for the nation. 
       So why not start now? 
       Say no to that babu asking for a bribe. Say no to that person throwing rubbish onto the roads. 
       Educate. Teach. Act.
       Do something at the grassroots level. 
       It doesn’t have to be major. 
       Stop favoring child-labour. Instead, help to send that child to school. Doesn’t he deserve an education just like your children do? 
       Just do something, anything, and then be truly proud.  
       You should actually start off by not smirking at this note written by someone who is changing and has hopes that you will too. 
       No realization is too late. 
       People died for freedom, and they died because they dreamt of an India free of corruption, sex-discrimination, red-tapism, feudalism, fanaticism. 
       Not this seedy worm-infested underbelly of ‘India Shining’.


Kunnu said...

you know, somehow, this blog, makes me happy a bit. I do not have any house servant, I do not own a car(just because I can does not mean I should ;)), I keep my garbage outside my house (from where it is picked up daily), Do not have the habit of reddening a public corner, and also I have not the updated my FB status :)

But I am sure, there are millions like me or you who feel the same and know that Independence Day is not just about hoisting the flag and singing Jan Gan Man, but doing small things which make a difference to our society and make it better with your humble presence. There are people who are doing our bit :)



Shilpa Nair said...

@Kunnu - :) Like they say 'Same Pinch' for the 1st para, and yes there are so many people out there, not at all few in numbers, who have done so much to make India proud, inspite of being against a force of people like the ones mentioned here :)

monty said... blog has been shifted to wordpress...keep visiting and keep reading...:)