Friday, June 17, 2011


This was the second version of my entry for 'The Other day' @B-A-T. Yes u guessed it right - I am totally obsessed by relationships ;)

       Selma switched off the A.C. She knit her eyebrows together. Her head throbbed and her mouth tasted of bile. Last night's events unfolded in her mind without any order or clarity. Tumbled forth randomly. What exactly had happened 'yester-night'?

       She had had no idea why she chose to look for Zarine in the Nursery. Her daughter was away at her parents'. It had to be the drinks. The whisky was running out and she wanted to ask Rutul to get some. He was not there in the Living Room, neither in the Kitchen. The tequila shots hadn't gone down completely, n she had tottered, grabbed at curtains, leaned on railings, while she had gone looking for Rutul. Maybe her subconscious mind had given her the idea that Rutul was putting Zarine into bed. Or maybe it was her intuition. Something that she would rather not take seriously. Years ago, her intuition had told her, Rutul was not the right guy to marry. But she had gone ahead and married him and it had turned out to be great. They had had a fantastic house, fantastic friends and a fantastic Life. Absolutely no way, she was going to spoil things for herself, by listening to the loony-bin inside her.

       And so last night, for some reason she didn't know, her body had stumbled and fumbled and somehow reached upstairs. In the loud din of the Music blaring out from the Living Room, her shouts were drowned.
       There it was. the Nursery. Just after the master bedroom and the guest bedroom. No that was the master bedroom, this was the guest bedroom. Forget it. She had peered inside one of the rooms. Nope. No Rutul. She had then, headed straight for the Nursery. Wait a minute, the Nursery was on the other side, why had she come here? To this part where only the bedrooms were? Selma shakes her head. Too many drinks. Recall. Remember Selma, what do you remember? Yes, she had passed the first room. And she had heard a noise. Or a voice. She wasn't sure. But it had sounded like someone laughing. giggling. Or maybe a 'Gosh'. Something like that. Something that kicked her from the inside. She had looked for the door. There. Just ahead. Straining through hazy-unfocused eyes, she had managed to clasp the door-jamb. She did not recall if she opened it, or someone opened it for her. All she knew was that she had fallen into the room. 
       Into Rutul's arms. 
       He was naked. Yes, he was. But why? And he was sweating. And he smelt of some familiar scent. She did not know what. But it was a scent that had been around in their house recently.
       If only she hadn't been so befuddled. She would have been out of this confusing maze now.

       Rutul had said something. Something. What? 
       'Selma, What are you doing here?' Yes. He had asked her what she was doing there. And she had giggled. Like a fool. 'I came to look for you. Why aren't you downstairs?'...He was trying to block her view of the room. Almost trying to wrestle her out. 'I want to lie down for some time. My head is spinning. Please put me into bed, Rutul.' And she had stepped past him. And fallen again. He disappeared for a second.    Leaving her on the floor. 
       A split second. 
       During which she thought there was a mannequin on the bed. A head of raven curls. A wig, that moved. And then he was back. He carried her into bed. 'I saw a wig here. Where is it?' she asked him. Looking under the sheets. Flailing with her arms. 'There is no one here darling. No one. You take some rest. I had come here to change my stained shirt. I will get some lemonade for you, and an aspirin.'. 
       There she had seen it again. A head of curls disappearing through the door. Yes, she was sure of it. Or was she
       Later, she had dreamt of an army of curly-wigs attacking her. Running after her. Baying for her blood. And she had woken up screaming.
       There was something wrong. This was the guest bedroom. And Rutul's clothes were in the master bedroom. So what was he doing here last night. She had examined the room, and especially the sheets. She sniffed at them. Where had she smelt that scent before?
       There was a knock at the door. A knock followed by a sweet female voice. 'Are you up, sweetie?' And Parul pushes open the door with her foot, balancing a tea-tray in her hands.
       Parul, her childhood friend. Who has come to stay with them for some months.

       The wig of curls.
       And Selma recalls with complete clarity, all the missing details.


Rachit said...

potpourri of lost emotional bonds!

monty said...

hmmm...maybe both of it could have been merged into one. The BAT entry seemed a little damp without your usual 'twists', which would be solved by this now!

Shilpa Nair said...

@Rachit n Monty - Now I regret not having entered this post :( And this time B-A-T has got so many really nice entries, I have absolutely no hope :)

Enchanta said...

Holy-frikking shit!

When's the next sequel coming up? When? when?

Shilpa Nair said...

@Enchanta - Go away. Shoo. Shoo ;) ;) As if stalking me on FB is not enough....hahahaha

Shilpa Nair said...

@Enchanta - Go away. Shoo. Shoo ;) ;) As if stalking me on FB is not enough....hahahaha