Sunday, June 19, 2011

A bus-load of Stink

       She wrinkled her nose in dismay.
       Oh, How he stank!
       This fat one next to her. How he stank!
       There was no space in the crowded bus and already people were in each other's armpits.
       Where could she move to? She tried to turn her face away, away from the source of this stink. But she was trapped. There were so many of her kind here. Jam-packed.
       To make things worse, he 'oozed the stink' now!
       Oh, God! How longer could she bear? He was oozing something vicious smelling and sticky. And it would rub off on her, if she didn't move.
       She had to get out of the way!!!
       And then relief flooded her as the driver braked suddenly and the fat one rolled out, leaving her enough air to gulp down.
       'Oh no........!' the driver cried out.

       'Don't worry. It was rotten. The other mangoes are still here....'another man replied, as he tucked her into the basket.


monty said...

shilpa! that was a good read! The ending was just superb! loved the twist! I think u r getting bak in form!

Shilpa Nair said...

@Monty - Back in Form :)

Christopher Anand said...

that was quirky and witty...i love writing of this kind....good job :)