Friday, March 18, 2011


What fools we are.
We fall in Love,
let our hearts be broken,
let our minds be numbed,
let our desires be unleashed and
we call it Love.
We cherish this one person we have called as 'Ours' and
we anoint him with the pearls of our tears,
the flowers of our prayers and
crown him with our charms.
We turn ourselves into ground-hugging dirty insects,
prostrating at his feet n wiping them with our body.
And yet, how often has Love taught us that not all is 'ours'?
How often have we been hurt by the brutality of this person's gestures,
cut by the sword of his anger?
Yet we crawl on our bellies to honour him,
to proclaim him our God of Love
and place him on the throne of our soul.
Rise Eve, before we are doomed
by this thing inside our minds that we call Love.
The serpent was right,
the garden of Eden would have been ours,
were it not for Adam.

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