Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Plan...

A is back from office, B is already in the room, and C has gone home and ‘Me’ is expected in 10 mins..The time is 6 pm

A : Hi girls, I’m back.

B : Hey Want some Marie Biscuits? I came back at 12:00 and I was so hungry, I slept for some time and went and bought this…( Excess Information, just gimme the Biscuits lady)

A : Oh wow, I had nice lunch today. I had parotha, dessert, custard. I am so full. My tummy hurts.So I think I will take more time in the Loo tomroow morning. (Useless Shitty Info, Abstinence from the Hostel Loo for 24 hrs.)

C : Hi Girlies , Am back..!!

A / B – Chorus – Hey Hi, You Look Fresh !

C – I had Fresh Strawberries and Cream on the Way.!! My Boss happy with my Work.So he gave a treat.

Me – Hello Girlies ! Whata am I walking into? A Mahila Sangathan..LOL !

A / B / C – Hellooo..! We have Cookies. Come Let’s plan for the night.

Me : Okie .Vodka / Beer or Wine? Comedy / Romance / Hindi or English? Chuck the Bfs and the Phone, Lets have an all-nite-gals party.

A / B / C – Wow That is so Practical of You.Lets Buy Vodka, Chicken Do Pyaaza, Sprite and Lays Chips.Throw the Bfs Away for a night man, watch a Mushy Movie...Oye What is in that bag?

Me : A Bra from the GI sale / Some Panties / A Skirt and a Corset..

* All 4 Busy Looking at all this Stuff..Even the panties..A puts My 32-B Bra on her Non Existent Boobs and says – Wow this fits so well !! –

Me : Yeah Rite..U never use it and what use is this Fooling Around? *

Me : Now Gals Who wants to Come to the CD Shop? And Food World for the Stuff?

A – Hey Do u Really want to Drink tonight? I am very Tired.

B – Oh no, My Bf is coming to picke me up. He wants some food Supplies, I got to Buy it for him.

V – Amma has made Kababs today. Lets us eat her food tonite.

Me – Okie, I got this New Book. Just some Coffee to Spend the Night Reading.

10:00 Pm - A : When are you switching off the Lights/
10: 15 Pm - B : When are you switching off the Lights?
10: 30 Pm - C : When are you switching off the Lights?
10: 31 - Me : I AM Switching off the Lights NOW Darlings..GoodNite..!

A Snore / A Grunt / A Miff for an Answer