Monday, September 11, 2006

About your Gemini Girlfriend.... now I am writing about myself, huh?..u ask,,but heavens nooo..!Though I AM a true Gemini..true to the core of a Gemini that ever was or will be born on this earth, I must point out there is no ‘desire-to-fluff&bluff’ involved here..
Leaving denials aside, I must say the real purpose of writing this stuff on Geminians is because I have quite a few male friends who have Geminians for their girlfriends and I have seen them strive to understand them…
For Leo friend Umang is at a loss to know what gifts please his girlfriend. Or take the case of Rishikesh who doesn’t understand why his girlfriend is ecstatic one minute and gloomy the next.Or my boyfriend Arjun who gets irritated with my chattering and unpredictability.

I am no Linda Goodman, though I have read all of her stuff..however I fiercely believe in sun signs and their influence on personalities.I have analyzed a lot of human personalities and after some experience with the person, learnt to know exactly what he would be doing next..

Anyways I promised my ‘at-a-loss’ male friends that I would help them by decoding the Gemini mystery and therefore…here goes..
Pls note that this write-up may not have a logical sequence coz I will be writing on things that come to me. Blame it on the Gemini’s love of randomness..LOL

Multitasker: First of all try to understand that the Geminian is a dual faced personality. I wouldn’t be surprised if u ask me to replace dual with multi..a Geminian is a complicated bundle of contradictions..ur Geminian girlfriend will be able to do many things at the same the secretary you knew from your childhood days who used to take a call, make coffee, tie her hair and adjust her papers was definitely a Geminian.They have an amazing ability to think of ten different things at the same time. For eg sometimes when we are going on a drive I will be thinking of how to make pooris,also how to teach a child the complicated nuances of multiplication tables, and how to tell him to try to keep the newspapers at one place so that they are not lying all over the room, and how to ask him to get his hair well as where to conduct my mother’s operation, or what to buy this weekend
This , call it talent, often will surprise you at their dexterity. but then how many girlfriends did u know of who were that fast and equally efficient with their minds and hands.

Recognize her moods: Your Geminian girlfriend is never a complete woman or a child rather she is a mix of the two. When you kiss her she will be the most sensuous woman you ever held in ur arms and when u tickle her she is a most adorable child. She will pout when she does not get what she wants and will sulk or even cry when you are not looking. Sadness descends upon her if you refuse to buy her a flower that she sees on the road or if you deny taking her to the place where you first met or buy a particular kind of chocolate which she wants immediately.
Now what is important here is the timing…she is wise enough to understand that some things she can’t get when she wants. However when u present them to her when she is least expecting it, the joy on her face is unmatched. for eg my boyfriend will usually buy me simple things such a cute keychain he saw somewhere or a packet of gems when he’s gone to buy food for us..and I must admit that gesture of his makes me love him much more. To a Gemini girl it is not the price of the thing that matters but the idea that her bf cared enough to remember what she wanted and bought it for her.
She might ask you to take here to certain places and you might not be in the mood to drive or whatever. but if u do take her the next weekend she will shriek with excitement. Like this weekend Arjun took me to some place I had been wanting to go for such an impossibly long time..!it was one of the best trips we made..

Give her the attention: Now about people under this sun sign be attention-seekers is s little true. but who would not want to attend to a girl who is mischievous, cute, charming as hell, sexy, irritating, constant chatterbox, intelligent at the same time? When you are watching TV, this girl, if she feels ignored, will make a lot of noise in the other room with the newspapers or plastic covers or prance around in front of you to grab ur attention.The solution is to throw in a question or sentence from time to time so that she knows you have her on ur mind.It could be something simple as “what are u doing honey?” or ‘are u aslepp?” hearing which she will come bounding out to tell u what she has been thinking of doing..after the explanation, she will leave you to go back to watching TV in peace.

Talk to her: Talking about chattering, this girl loves to talk and talk and sometimes falls asleep when she has been talking too doesn’t matter to me whether someone is listening to me or not. At certain times, especially when Arjun is driving, I sing songs or nursery rhymes, clap my hands, do a little jig, point out hills and mountains and cows and dogs to my bf who does not even know what I am chattering away..LOL..and finally when I fall asleep coz my mouth is hurting with all that chattering, I know he is thinking ‘thank god she’s dead..” lol..When u are tired of listening to her chatter..u must never say ‘shut up’..coz it will ruffle her delicate heart and make her gloomy..just say she looks beautiful when she is silent than when she talks..she will bask in the compliment and shut up to ur satisfaction.

Understand her way of loving: This girl will go to any lengths to show her love for the man in her life. Most of them are diehard romantics so the best way to make this woman happy if to shower her with flowers and soft toys and such feminine things. She is the kind of woman who will suddenly decide to give you flowers at 2 in the night and therefore will walk at 11 in the night to the flower shop and buy flowers for you. Even if u don’t like flowers u must accept them because if you deny them it will break her heart.Though she might not show it she will never again buy anything for you without asking you..this means you will never get a surprise gift from her ever.

Sex: A Gemini girl is one of the best performers in bed when it comes to satisfying her lover. The multi faceted nature if this girl will ensure that she is a different girl every night. You don’t need to keep a harem !! She is your one-woman-harem.She will be able to fulfill all your fantasies provided you give her what she wants. Her imagination could be a threat to you so you must keep up with her expectations of firsthand royal love-making techniques. or she will get bored soon. One ability that marks them is their power to shut off a part of their mind one at a time.for eg if u dislike her eyes, she will condition her mind to deem that the eyes do not exist and she will never refer to that part ever. But her power of imagination might go to a length where she fantasizes of a lover who likes her eyes and therefore in bed she will not connect to you 100%.This is true for some of my Gemini friends , male and female alike..

What turns them on: Intellect, intelligent conversation, love letters, cards, flowers. A Gemini girl gets turned on by the fact that her man can talk to her endlessly about anything on earth and form meaningful conversation. She will never feel connected to a man who does not bother to smother her with his word of love and affection. Though she will be with you part of her will sever itself from you.

Things she likes: She is the best companion for all the activities you like.Whether its fishing or camping or deciding to go to the neighbouring state at 4 in the morning, this woman will share your enthusiasm with all the excitement of a 5 yr old.

Her joie de vivre and fantastic company will remain etched in your minds after you have broken up and moved on.None of your other girlfriends will ever equal her cherubic personality and I know a lot of guys who actually miss their Gemini girlfriends long after they are gone…