About this blog

This blog was created in a moment of 'reactive-frustration' or 'frustrated-reaction', whatever u choose to call it. There I was attacking FB in the days when your status could not be more than a certain number of characters, and therefore too short to write down everything you wanted too. A blog was the only solution - My own blog where I could shout, whisper, scream and sing.

My writings reflect the Geminian inside me. Somedays I want to pile on review after review on the thousands of movies I have seen or the books I have read and somedays I dont want to write anything :) It was earlier titled A Potpourri of Sorts until I realized that though it was the right name for this, it was a quite common phrase :/

However many think this blog should be read for its short stories. U will have to have a liking for the macabre though. Many of these stories are coloured by incidents that I or someone close to me may have experienced. However assuming that everything you read here is taken from my Life would be naivety on your part. See examples of my story-writing 'skills' here or here or here!

Hope u like a bit of what I write and hope too that something u read here strikes a chord!