About this blog

This blog was started a long time ago, when I was a different person - single, working, badass.
Now I am a Mother, exhausted and more exhausted.
In between, this blog was discontinued for five years. But now that my son is four and I have picked up all the pieces of my brains, I have time to write.
The social media has changed. Now everything is instant.
There was a time we bloggers were best friends with each other,
Now it is randome strangers checking out our pages, liking, unliking, leering, commenting. It is scary but also offers instant gratification.
Hence I am also on Instagram, writing poetry under the username @servingsofmania.
I used to write short stories a lot, and you can see some examples here or here or here!

I also have a parenting blog where I get to be rude as hell and flip off other parents with my highly-badly-worstly-sarcastic posts. Check it out at http://mummyishiding.blogspot.com/

Thank You for reading!