Thursday, November 15, 2012

I are Tagged....I you tag...

I have never been one very enthusiastic about being tagged or tagging others. Somehow all these years of being a rebel, protesting against 'this-is-the-way-to-do-it' rules and being used to people gravitating towards me and not the other way around, has led to me believing that if people like my writing, they will come to me, no matter what. How wrong I am. I am still queasy about joining blogger platforms because I find that it is expected of me to leave comments on their blog, praise them, tag them to have them come to your blog. I am more comfortable contributing to a blogger's pageviews and leaving appreciation only if I feel so. I know I need to change and go out there and completely interact and party with fellow-bloggers if I ever hope to be read by a wider audience.

This tag comes to me from The Fool at Lucifer House Inc, who was one of the first bloggers I 'met' back in the days when my blog had 2 or 3 meaningless posts. Luckily though he did not block me out and instead let me read his wonderful blog, which (this is the first word that comes to me, when I describe it) is VERSATILE. No matter what he chooses to write - poetry, fiction, current affairs - it is very easy to see that a lot of research and meticulous 'thinking' on his part goes into each of his posts. Not that his command over langauge helps. Whenever I am on the blog-o-sphere, I make it a point to read his posts, many of which do help me to redefine the limits, not change, of my beliefs. 

Category 1: Your most beautiful post: That would be Dialogues - Part 1, where a French woman, intoxicated by India, reveals her adoration for her Indian husband, my ancestor. I have imagined this dialogue based on what little I have heard of their relationship.

Category 2: Your most popular post: Based on audience interaction it would be That Last Night... and based on views The Journey - I have ignored posts on current/social issues. 

Category 3: Your most controversial post: Definitely my post bashing Satyamev-Jayadev.....I wish I could reproduce my FB page where fans of the show took up a random battle cry and charged at little lone me. 

Category 4: Your most helpful post: posts are almost always stirring up quiet people, and being a staunch opposer of all those self-help books out there, I do not write 'helpful' articles, but yes on retrospection, I would say the post wherein I described the characteristics of a Gemini girl to help a guy I knew, understand his Gemini girlfriend.  I had people from halfway across the world requesting me to write about the other sunsigns, because this post made them so easy to analyse their Gemini partners :D

Category 5: A post whose success surprised you: I could mention the post that garnered the most views or comments, again, but for my successful is when a sad write-up produces grief in  my reader, which is my intention - that is, to make my reader feel exactly what my character feels. Therefore Stolen berries.... would be most apt for this category. This was my first attempt at writing tragedy and readers became totally depressed. Per se, that was a success.

Category 6: A post you feel did not get the attention it deserved: I do have three or four posts that have received no views or comments, however Unanswered Prayers would be correct for this category because thinking that people would be bored by my fascination with suicides/deaths in all my posts, I focused on an old woman's loneliness, which surprisingly had no takers. 

Category 7: I am really proud of this poem: I'm not really a poem person, since my idea of a peom is anything written in verse form. I am uncomfortable with the myriad rules of syllables and breaks and all that applicable to peotry, but I have dabbled in my version of poetry and of all of them, I think I'm really happy with Maternal Love.  

Now that I have to tag five blogs and pass around the 'goodness', I am worried. With my tendency to overcrowd instead of having favorites, I can only mention blogs here that have totally gripped me. As a reader I look for that 'I-am-hooked' feeling in a post, which I feel, comes only with a master's command over vocabulary, sentence construction and choice of words. Long, complex words turn me off, as does shoddy grammar. 

The five blogs below are a delight to read and I hope they get the attention they deserve. 

1 - Wildflower - Did u call me a tragedy queen? Wait till u have read her. There is nothing like the magic of her words, the complex simplicity of her language, to make me long for more. I could read her blog all day and still ask for more. Her almost-zero interaction with her readers, I admire, because it fits my opinion of 'Readers will come to u, if they want'. 

2 - Sandyspeak - Sandeep is the guy to watch out for. Some years down the line, if he decides to tie up his shoes and come out with a book, he will storm the publishing world and explode it with his totally top-level writing. His thrillers are racy, pulsing and will make ur jaws drop. 

3 - Sadiya Merchant - Her blog is correctly described 'peppy with a punch'.....It is entertaining, silly, laughable, and cute all at the same time. I wonder why she has stopped writing like me ;)

4 - Enchanta4U - My idea of a pink-balloon-filled-mushy-heart-filled-diabetically-sweet blog is this gal's blog. Complete with violin-wala song, this is the blog that is so cute u could cry. As much as her blog is cute, her writing is deadly and somehow we kept stumbling on co-incidences until we agreed that we are soul-sisters. It is so uncanningly freakish to know that many things that she wrote could have been taken from my life and many that I wrote could be an exact replica of some parts of her life. 

5 - Abhyudaya - The very thought of his blog makes me laugh. His cartoons are so funny, I wish I could have more of them to accompany my morning newspaper and tea session. Totally enjoyable, and recommended daily :)