Monday, July 09, 2012

" 'Fat' Aishwarya Rai Hahaha" - Sorry, was that meant to be a joke?

There is no shortage of idiots and morons in the world is there?

I am no fan of Aishwarya Rai. Even though I have admired her 'beauty' (I mean let's face it, even 500 kgs of botox can only go so far as to improve your looks. She is blessed with natural beauty and if she enhances it with Botox it is her life, her wish.); I have never felt she has had any acting skills, any versatility with regards to her expressions; and maintained my opinion that she over-reacts and is a 'borderline-drama-queen' case. However like 'the two-sides-of-the-same-coin' adage, I will give it to her for her beauty and absolute amazing way of 'brushing-off' flak from her critics.

But this post is not about Botox treatments she has taken. 

It is about her 'fatty' pictures. Seriously? 'Fatty'? 

Unfortunately that is what people are calling her. Actually you should not even heap these trash-cans in the people category. But that is what a public figure like her would undergo. Every breath they take, every word they utter, every gesture they make, every fart they release ends up being butchered, examined, analysed by the Idiot-brigand until an equally idiotic verdict is drawn.

I was absolutely angry to see these 'activities' of my FB friends keep jamming my 'news feed' page. 
XYZ watched 'fat-Aishwarya-video' on 'Stupid-News-network'
ABC commented 'she is so fat' on 'Aishwarya-Rai-Fat-Photos page'
LMN shared 'fat-Aishwarya-picture' on her FB page.

This has just given me a chance to block such un-evolved species right off my subscribed-to lists. 
So I, wanting to get to the bottom of the mystery, climbed onto the Internet bandwagon and looked for her 'fat' pictures. These are what I found.


Then I checked out the video that was being watched so fanatically by my FB friends - As expected it was made by some third-class Idiot. Elephants trumpeting in the background music, Selective bites from Salman Khan's totally-unrelated interview, Kajol's pictures to show how 'ugly' Ash is compared to her....waah, waah, top class wala video hain bhai! And these below are some of the millions of 'critic-comments' floating around, many by anonymous people because they are apparently too ugly to put up their profile pics....

"Ok after six months that weight isn't considered "baby weight" anymore. That's no excuse anymore."

"From beginning of her Career (she had lots of men friends ) Ashwarya used to eat birth control Tablets .That's why When Ash started to rest & stopped to eat Pills ..She has became Fat Like OX......"

"elephant sound is awsomme background music, shudve had some cow music to lol"

"This is disgusting. She needs to remember that she is a public figure, an actress and an endorser of many cosmetic brands. She definitely cannot afford to pile up the kilos like this. Why can't Indian women be like Hollywood beauties who have given birth and gone back to their slim figures within a month?"

All right, I am not even going to put any more 'geniusy' comments like these here....My stomach is hurting with all the laughing...

The funny thing is, in India, we have never associated beauty with being skinny. The concept of beauty in India, in all the years of its existence has always been 'voluptuousness' as many of the sculptures on our temples or paintings from centuries ago show. And the idea that 'skinny-is-beautiful' only came after our recent association with the 'Glorious-West' aka 'Hollywood'.....Since when did Angelina Jolie (5'8" and weighing 105 pounds??) and Victoria Beckham become ideals of beauty in Indian minds....I'm laughing so hard here!! Hey wait a minute, is Victoria a woman? Whaaat? Seriously?


OK, and what is with us folks? We criticize Ash for being stick thin in Dhoom2, we criticize her for putting on weight, we criticize her for her plasticky-glam-doll look, we criticise her for going de-glam....seriously we are so muggle-headed we can't make up our own minds?!

Btw, there are some more women (actresses) who might be 'fat' by 'our standards'....But looking at their confidence, one can say, they are definitely not 'ashamed' to be 'fat'...

 Sizzling Namitha

Yes, Ash is 'fat' by the standards set by skinny people. Yes she is definitely not size zero. Yes, she has breasts and an ass and gorgeous curves all over her body unlike the Man-Chesters going around with puny hips and bony arms and ribs so sharp they poke you in the face.

She has had her fair share of success. She is a 'Woman-on-Top', she has had a beautiful baby, she is a Mother, she eats what she wants when she wants and does not give a shit about your pathetic whining and trashy 'OMG, you are so fat' comments. Actually she is spitting at you right in the face by flaunting her new, beautiful body. Her husband adores her, her parents love here and her in-laws respect her, and you mean nothing to her.......! Hahaha!

Here is what she has to say to all the 'fat-haters'!

So in the end whether she is 'fat' or not, she is having fun all the way, comfortable in her body, while you are wasting your energy. 


Ash said...

good one :)

Shilpa Nair said...

Thanks Ash - was quite pissed off on FB today morning :p

The Fool said...

I remember a story I read as a child. A man had an ugly nose and people used to laugh at him. A genie gave him 3 wishes. He tried to alter his nose with 2 wishes but people continued to laugh at him. With the 3rd wish he restored his old nose and instead focused on changing his behavior. Soon people forgot his nose and began to like him as a person. Somehow I have always felt Aishwarya and Bachchan family are self centered cunning folks. So people just need a reason to criticize them.

Shilpa Nair said...

@TF - Hahaha! Don't lie, I'm sure you pulled this out from your IMMENSE stock of delightful stories.
But I agree with u - In fact I hate the whole Bacchan Khaandan starting from Big B to Small B to Tiny B to Fat B to Dwarf B to Ugly B.....It is really stupid of the media to worship them like Dieties. I mean that whole coverage of Ash's pregnancy, I thought she was the only woman in the world to get pregnant. Needless to say, my FB traffic was immense during 'those' days of her pregnancy ;p
Yet, this 'fat' thing really got me :/