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Aamir's Satyamev Jayate - FB ranting.


I was quite surprised when , on logging into FB on Sunday evening, I saw quite a few updates from people (who have never bothered to ever comment on anything of importance) looking like this -


       I was aware of the show, but did not see it on TV because we are not subscribed to the Hindi channels here. Anyways, but looking at these reactions, I assumed the show was worth something, and watched the episode on YouTube.  

 20 minutes into the episode and the cynic in me came to the surface. It looked very very much like 'acting' - Aamir's tears, preachings, expressions, sighs, gasps - looked completely unreal. Atleast while grieving women were narrating their painful experiences, he could have, atleast here, been himself. 
       Anyways Satyamev Jayate was talking about an evil that has leeched itself onto the socio-economic flesh of our country, and there is no letting go. However I am not going to delve into the figures and the data and the whole huge discussion about female foeticide.
       Also, the show kind of heaped all the accusation on the in-laws and the husbands. I expected to hear what the latter had to say - Why they think a 'daughter' is a burden and should be 'done away' with. Sometimes, it is also the mothers who do not want a girl-child being born to them. Albeit, I assume these cases will be few, I hope so, Satyamev Jayate should have brought in that angle too.
       The whole issue is why did people start noticing ‘the abominable crime of female foeticide’ only when Aamir came on TV? Hasn’t it been practised in front of our eyes for years? Haven’t all of us heard atleast one instance about this? This is like a downright insult to every activist out there who has been working to stop ‘female foeticide’ for ages and running pillar-to-post trying to educate masses. And yet, atleast Aamir did this, instead of choosing to be some judge or seller of condoms in some retarded reality show or commercial. I was surprised that there was no talk about any of the money being diverted to help these cases? But why should I be? Since when has Bollywood ever bothered much about the ‘ills in the society’?
       Now that he is earning 3crore per episode (??!!), he has usurped Amitabh and the others. Success, finally. So in the end, I’m glad that ‘people’ started ‘FBing’ and ‘Twittering’ just because they cleaned their ears on Sunday evening and heard Aamir on TV!
       In the end, while he unashamedly requested his country men to donate money, never once did he say that he would contribute 2 rupees from his own personal fund. What a shame! Oh but I forgot, he is supposed to be making money, just like any other Bollywood star. Funny, this coming from me, because I LOVE Aamir Khan for his integrity, his movies and his not being 'common'. Unfortunately, this image is starting to crumble.
       All I’m scared of is that now Aamir will be the beacon of a ‘do-good-er’.Like my brother said “Aamir Khan would scoop up dirt off the ground with a spoon and eat it and people will be applauding it as an original display of spatial coordination. He is out to make money, and more pertinently, upstage Amitabh on TV since only Aamir is left out in that medium and everyone is reacting as if female foeticide is a story broken by him.”

       I remember when months ago, I had talked about ‘female foeticide’ on my FB status, I mustered about 2-3 likes and 2 weak comments by friends. Oh, and some comment about whether I hoped to be the next freedom-fighter of India. Or something on those lines. Again, just because I criticised the show, people said (more like, 'FB-ed') that atleast he was doing something instead of just updating my FB and my Blog pages! And to think that while they were leading their mundane boring lives, waiting for their next salary day, their next party, their next gift, their next holiday, I was getting my hands and knees dirty working at animal-rescue shelters, orphanages and the 'teach India' campaign. Surely I have 1% more right than them to discuss about social problems then, if you insist on a barometer for measuring my karma? Well, glad that these people have woken up just because a grotesquely huge amount of money was traded, labelled ‘Social Issues’ and served with a sprinkling of Bollywood and a soaking of Tears.
       I hope we see some solutions to the ‘cases’ discussed here. Some ‘real solutions’. Not the nonsense like the Madhya Pradesh Govt rounding up doctors. Which I am sure, is just an ‘instant maggi-2-min-noodles' reaction to the show. I hope we see ‘people’ (made up of You and Me) not stopping at making noise and Status messages, and instead really doing something, anything about the problems faced by India. Did I just hear u sneer and ask me what ‘I’ am going to do? Since I am a nobody, and since no one is paying me 3 crores to ‘act’ for 60 minutes, I will continue doing my small ‘efforts’ and leave you to either ‘think’ or ‘act’…

Anyway no one is going to invite me to meet Aamir on the SJ set. Why? Because of the reasons mentioned here!!!

       At the end of it all, I really hope 'Satyamev' really 'Jayate'.

       Meanwhile this is what was happening on my FB home page…..

ME Amused at the huge web-crashing reactions Satyamev Jayate is garnering. Though the cynic in me wonders why everyone is reacting as if Female foeticide is a new thing. Hasn't it been going on under our very noses for centuries? Also all those Crores of rupees being pumped into the show and out, makes me cringe. But at least I am glad Aamir, in return for his 3 crores, for every episode (?!?!) is talking abt some social issue instead of choosing to become a judge in those stupid reality shows where all u have to do is say 'mind blowing' and crack cheap jokes.
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SB - Like we needed a showoff perfectionist actor to show us how female kids are killed. This has been advocated in talk shows and articles as long as I can remember!
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SB - If he wanted to make any difference socially, he would do this show free of charge!
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ME - ‎@SB - Absolutely. Therefore the first 3 minutes or 5 minutes where he gives that bullshit about 'feeling for people', sorry, does not go down my throat. If he really felt so strongly about it, he would do it for free or atleast divert a large amount to helping such women.
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GS - i think its not the cause they are happy to see our own oprah winfry in a male form :P
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RH - Shilpa, its not about knowing. Its about supporting someone who thought of bringing in a change. What happens, nobody knows. People are intolerant these days. Whole nation stood up for Hazare ( I will refrain my opinion about him ;) ) , then why not this team. Everyone of us wants change but none of us will be the change. So I think the team is doing a good job. Atleast trying to. We have to just hope that they do bring in the change :)
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RH - I have to agree with Sabeena though :)
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ME - ‎@RH - Yes, even if it took 5 minutes of Aamir Khan to stir them ;P
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ME - To all - I'm so happy that while SRK and AB are selling chaddi-baniyan-condoms-gutkha, this one atleast pimped himself for a social issue.....But I just hope people realize and accept that 'AAMIR DID NOT UNCOVER THE CRIME OF FEMALE FOETICIDE ON 6TH MAY 2012'........
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UM - He has highlighted an instance which a heightened one. And took his star power to make people realise that its high time to do something about it,.. its amazing how people find ways to make money, AAMIR did well,.. & ya v r glad that atleast this reality show can give some positive to soceity,.. others just suck us emotionally to make money..!!!
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VN - shilpa madam, i dont agree with you at all, he has done very good job, if you have seen whole episode, he has also given solution and lastly he has given letter to rajasthan cm to act on sting operation created by some social activist...lots of thing were eye opening like most of this abortion is done by educated family, not by poor people...hat's off to aamir khan for his afforts...
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