Thursday, May 26, 2011

Real Beauty and all that Baloney.

(I came across Dove's Real Beauty Contest. No I'm not taking part, because I'm not in the mood. And I know what I have written here would be kicked out of the entries-list because I'm harping on something that is contrary to what the organizers or readers of this contest want to hear.But no-one can push me away on my own Blog....hahaha...)

I used to smirk to myself when people went about yapping 'Oh, Real Beauty is skin-deep. It is not in the make-up you apply.' What were they wanting to put across? That Real Beauty is having a beautiful Kidney, Rectum, Intestines, Liver...?? And who were they fooling? Most of them were the ones who slapped on foundation, mascara, kajal, lipstick, eye-liner....then treated themselves to numerous, Botox injections, surgical lifts, facials, spas, manicures, pedicures blah-blah-blah-blah...! So why not stop all this and show their Real Beauty then? Were they afraid that their ugliness would show through, and make us run away? So why bother talking about something that they had no idea of?
Not that I have any idea of Real Beauty. I use my make-up when I go out out. I love putting on make-up. My gold-dust bronzers, and shimmery eyeshadows and kohl-lined eyes are much admired. Arjun loves it when I look glamorous. Then I feel beautiful. Yes. And I love it when people fawn over my FB pictures and coo 'Oh, You look so Beautiful, Shilpa!'. I levitate, like the Yogis of yore, and I can see my Halo..!
Of course, most of the times, i do not have a pancake on my face. And I go about looking like the girl-next-door. In my harem pants or tees, and yet the men whistle. That makes me Beautiful. At least Technically. Right?
But what about the times when I'm dancing with the street kids, or running about to tend to an injured stray dog? Do people think I'm beautiful then? Do they realize that INSIDE me, there is  Beautiful Woman? I wonder. Yesterday I helped a street dog to cross the street. I took it across. Then Crossed back myself. I only saw a bunch of women and men at the auto-stand, who stared at me open-mouthed. Probably thinking, I was a lunatic. So they definitely did not notice my Real Beauty. Sigh.
Whom should I ask if I'm Really Beautiful? Not Arjun. No. After 6 years of our relationship, we are still smitten blind by each other's Beauty. We are still in the 'Heart-Thudding-Palms-Sweating-Bodies-Lusting' Stage. So every Time that he says to me, 'You are Beautiful', I know what is in his mind.
Mum!! Why didn't I think of her? 'Mummy, Do You think I have Real Beauty inside me?'. She stares at me for a second. 'Of Course, you do. You are Healthy and Beautiful. And you have my genes.' Not the answer I'm looking for.
Definitely not my friends.
So who then?
Should I ask our Housekeeper's three daughters, whom I have taught to read and write?
Or the animal shelter where I volunteer?
Or the hundreds of street dogs I have adopted all these years?
Or the street-kids who want to play with me, the moment I step out of the House?
Or the elderly, for whom I open doors, give up my seat, offer to carry their bags?
For them, I'm Beautiful. And they have seen me without my Make-up, without my Glam Clothes. They have seen me during my PMS and Pimple-attack times. Days when I think I am having a Bad-Hair-Day.
And they still come laughing, clapping, smiling, running.
One day, when all my M.A.Cs and Maybellines n Lakmes n Revlons are long gone, when my wrinkles and drooping body can no longer allow make-up to control them, I will be convinced that I did have some claim to Real Beauty.
Until then, I am going to concentrate on Real Living.


Rachit said...

nice to hear your narration on real beauty. :)

D2 said...

hahaha Nice one. I loved this anecdote to what may be called beauty.
Since you're not taking part, I may breathe a sigh f relief because I am!

So do go through what I have written

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Shilpa Nair said...

@D2 - For one whole month my FB status message was 'What is all this nonsense about Real Beauty is Inside - Beautiful Intestines, Sexy Kidneys???
U n I will be clashing only at the B-A-Ts....hahaha......
I read ur entry and have left my comment. I loved it because it was dark, without leaving a stain :)

Francine Howarth said...

Hi Shilpa,

Just dropping by to say welcome to Romantic Friday Writers, and I hope you will join in with a bit of romantic writing as and when.

Re your post: Nice one! Hmm, all this talk of real beauty lies within and facial beauty is often only skin deep. Yeah, well, both together then must be the double-whammy factor in the beauty stakes. And sweetheart, you've got the D-W. ;)


D2 said...

@Shilpa : I try not to leave a mark whereby i may be linked to the dark crime! :D

Here's an award for you right here.
Congrats. :)

Deepti said...

"The treasurer of Valentine day cards, Secret admirer cards, love letters scrawled in a boy's handwriting. Folded and refolded many times.... "... Awesome!

Deepti said...

Oye hoye kya gadbad kar di.. ye to upar wale ke liye thi....

Real Beauty sirf mai samajhti hunn...ek Aap aur ek Mai...hehehehe!

Shilpa Nair said...

2Deepu - Kauno baat nahi bitwa :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

hehe me likes!!!
u really shud hav entered dis fr d contest. muft ke one lakh rupees nevr hurt anyone :o
n yes dis soo reminds me of d maggi pazzta ad- aaj kal love hota hai janab, ye love rang dekhta hai, roop dekhta hai....almosttt tempted to out down d whol thing bt wil restrain.
n yes made fr a very lively read :)

Shilpa Nair said...

@Sadiya - LOL...n now just because u mentioned it, I'm searching for that on YouTube....LOL

Enchanta said...

How have I not read this earlier?

This is going to sound super-eerie, but you are like this soul-sister of mine; NO, I MEAN IT.

Every time I read a post of yours, its almost like you are in my head.

And your attitude towards life and the way you think and portray them, my oh my, :O

When's your birthday?
And I have to add you on facebook.
I am super curious and intrigued now!!!

Shilpa Nair said...

@Rnchanta - I know!!!! N I feel the same when I read ur posts. they are something I can relate to. N I feel 'Ok, I do not have to leave any feedback here. This is what I would have written to, If I had posted on this topic. Lol....let me find u on FB and add u. Or write to me at