Friday, March 18, 2011


Somehow I do not have the energy to write the remaining part of the latest story 'A Return too late..' ..when I started writing it, I knew exactly how the story would turn out, but now halfway through it, I just cant seem to think of anything suitable. Funny, this is exactly the opposite of what any other writer would do. They would have had the skeleton ready n then proceeded to fill it. Blame it on my impetuous n spontaneous nature, to write something as it comes.
For the same reason that I have never liked listening to recorded music, but radio...I do not want to know what the next song is going to be!!!
Today was another of my I-Love-Dogs day, n pity Arjun for having had to open my messages with cute dog video links in them..Lol..sometimes he is right, when he says, I love dogs more than him..
How can I not love dogs, even the stray ones? Ever since I have been born, we have had dogs at home, even earlier....My whole family going back to about 300 years, must have had dogs to cuddle with everyday of their life...!!!
I know for sure in 2 years, I will have my own pack pf dogs to love ;)
Btw, I'm turning out to be a pretty good cook..something I had always loathed to do was cooking. It was so messy. But I guess Grandma was right when she said, every gal will take to cooking like a fish takes to water. Now I can confidently manage Rice-Daal, Sabjis, even Chicken,,,though sometimes they taste different from the last time due to my love for experimentation with the masalas...I cannot imagine how the West could ever bring themselves to eat such bland food. What is food without the spices of India?
But then they did come looking for our spices hundreds of years ago, where are those spices being used, I wonder..
Back to my trusted chocolate-milk, hoping I do get some ideas to finish that story...

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