Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coincidence or…??

I sometime feel I am actually some spooky spirit let loose on earth. Every time I think of a song or person or movie or actor or anything at all….I hear or read about it shortly afterwards. It is not eerie when you read this, but I do find it a little uncanny. I mean, yesterday I thought about how difficult it would be for SRK to maintain his 6 packs, since he doesn’t have any, there he pops up on the screen in his yellow pants and red tee. Or about the Pari Hu Main song, which no one plays, and Lo the RJ plays it on the radio. Or about Britney Spears wasted life, n then she appears in the newspaper announcing her wedding or breakup. Unluckily I have been thinking of my salary Hike quite often, but nothing seems to happen!!!!!!


dimension_dancer said...

:)) Just wait, it must be building up for one big fat massive
pay hike-up-the Himalayas

Anonymous said...

wonderful writing must consider writing as your profession..You should bring out a book soon :) ..Im sure you would have guessed by now as to who is the signatory for this comment :)