Monday, February 25, 2008

Daangying Around !

So we were in the 11th std and there was this Youth Festival at the District Level. Our School went and caught a Dance Instructor from Somewhere. This guy was trained in Traditional Form of Art, especially Adivasi (He sure did look like one of those menacing Adivasis) and he Chose us to perform the Daangi Dance. We have great fun Dancing and needless to say we Won. Becaue we danced with our Hearts & Souls!!

Its been years and I was just reliving the Memories with my dance partner whom i unexpectedly met online. This is a snippet of that Convo.

Aaron : howdy!! yea the levels of rioting down here is definitely the best in the country...shud scare the shit outta any average joe(jigan) hey herez a question!! m thinking of starting a reality show based on auditioning naive 11th graders into adivasi dances....the winner gets a dangi dance night solo with mallika sherawat(hey its better than salsa)...or at least ritesh deshmukh in her thinkin of callin it "dangi idol" or " blood dangi"...u got nethn better... n dont temme u dont like the idea....;-)

Shilpa : lol...i love it love it love!You are getting 'Daangier' day by day, for sure..!!

Aaron : lol...never had a doubt ud like it....maybe its the sadistic feeling of wanting others to suffer the same way we neways since ure the first one ive talkd to this about(well its nat really a global topic this u know) gonna ask ya if u wanna be on the JUDGES panel...i already am...ill be the rude, brutally honest , disrespectfull one...who ppl hate yet wanna hear....I LOVE IT...and ummmm u can be the sweet, supporting, appreciative female judge tat every male contestant will try and hit say?? quit ur job already??;-)
Shilpa : Lol...that is very rude considering i was the one you Daangied with..Very rude AAron..LOL..I do remember the breaking noises all of you guys made when we climbed onto ya backs...LOL
I sure can be the judge provided the contestants , the male ones, are nicer than the ones we suffered with...LOL

Aaron ; lol..."daangied with"...neways awwwww cmon man i wasnt taking bout ya...u know before we were linkd up "with gather-to" to "daangify", i had "daangied" with two other ummm lets jst say healthy gals....and by the end of the the dance every guy prolly had 8 gals walk, jump, climb or lifted over them.....LOL....mannnn the were like playing with a feather in the calm...WELL U WERE LIGHT N EASY ON THE hey us guys didnt know our backs cracking in the dangi pyramidwere soo i cant talk bout this daangied out...screw the show...need therapy!!

Shilpa : I love this word...and I am already gonna use it as a Verb , Noun , Adjective, Pronoun, Suffix, Prefix...I Love this out my Blog for a post on Daangi..!!I remember the 'Healthy' gals..Lol..Everyone wanted to partner with Me and Sarita coz we were the lightest and she was lighter than me..Had fun Gnashing our teeth and stomping on everyone's backs...Lol..Now Get Lost I am Going off..This Things is Daanging me now...*..Splits into Laughter..*

Aaron ; yea me daangin' off of urself...will kip in touch if thrz net connection in Dang-Rehab!!...latrz;-)