Thursday, February 22, 2007

Do I Believe in God?

Well it depends on What God Is!! I wouldn’t say I am an atheist , but I fear I am veering towards exactly that. Not that there is no God, but yes to believe that there is some Energy, some Driving Force behind all the Miracles that occur in our daily humdrum lives, Is sure a Great Idea. But I don’t have a deity to show you, or an Idol made of black stone with coconuts, money,hair,gold,sacrifices being given to it by thousands of devotees. My God does not have a name. It does not have a shape. My God does not tell me that He/She is found in a temple or a mosque or a church or an Agiyari. My God does not tell me that I must not visit Him/Her when I have my periods or that I must remove my Slippers or that I must not wear pants. I don't think God ever refused His Blessings to people just because they are Low-Castes !

And even after you have fasted for 9 days, and walked around a tree with a string in your hands, and wasted money greasing Pandits' palms, you are still jealous of your neighbour's success, you are still filled with hate for people you dislike, you still crib about your everyday problems without enjoying your life...

So what is the point of Wasting your Time worshipping God when your Heart is not Pure?

Unfortunately No-one could answer this queston. Maybe I am the Fool for asking it..LOL


Naresh said...

Are you really seeking an answer?

Shilpa Nair said...

Absolutely not! I only repeated what people ask me. The only question I'm asking is the 3rd line from the last..

Naresh said...

There is no one who is pure, Thats why we Worship the One who is.

Its the sick, who need a doctor.
(P.s - You write well)