Monday, February 19, 2007

Castaway Venus...

       She looked over her shoulder throwing her long dark hair back. The black waves of cascading hair rippled on her dusky glistening skin. She bent down to pick up a seashell that nudged her ankle and in that moment caught him looking at her – adoringly, beseechingly. Her haughtiness descended and she pirouetted a full circle, showing him the curves of her body. Her brown skin that clung so tightly to her firm buttocks, the young breasts that still spilled schoolgirl charm, her delicately curved waist on which a strand of pearls could slip. He drank in her beauty, worshipped at the altar of her purity and rose from the sea. Like Ulysses of the Greeks. But She was Venus personified, and she gave him a knowing look with her black dove eyes. She pierced her gaze right through his heart and That was her Undoing. For she Fell. In Love. And He Rose.

       The Moon bathed the night in milky whiteness.His fair body glistened with beads of Sweat.He Grunted and muffled her Screams. He made her His. Left his mark on her body. On her breasts, on her lips, on her neck. She Whimpered, Trembled Under Him. She Cried Tears of Joy. Tears of Satisfaction, Tears of Pleasure. He Turned and She quickly covered the Red stain on the ground with sand for she was a Virgin and an Inexperienced Fool and He had made so many Conquests before. And Of Course she did not want him to think she knew nothing. She wondered if he knew that she was pure. She wondered if the movements of her Body had betrayed her. She wanted no trace of her Foolishness and when she woke up she pretended that the Pain between her legs, deep inside her womanhood did not exist.

       And then he Asked ‘Are You a Virgin..?’

photo credit: Sabrina Campagna via photo pin cc

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