Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This is Vanshika - Arjun's Niece..i love the Splash of Oranges in this Picture. The Bedspread beneath her and her Orange Frock match so perfectly with her cute little orangish mouth, I can never stop myself from Kissing this Doll..!!

This is MalluKutty Vini and My Gujju Jiju..They have decided to get married after a stormy fight with their parents..I love them because they are getting married in the Arya Samaj Style with just 20 members..Thats so practical..BTW I just hate the idea of calling thousands of relatives to witness a pair sweating onstage and the even after they have feasted themeselves and gone, they will list what was lacking in the marraiage...LOL

On the way back from Ooty, on the Bandipur Road, this monkey got attracted to Arjun's green car ( or me...!) and climbed atop. The Spider is inside the car - a fake one if you are scared..!! BTW, this monkey refused to get down and even though the Car ambled forwrad it sat still on the Mirror stand..!! LOL finally Arjun got jealous of Another Monkey stealing the show and giving him competiotion and so he shooed it Away...!!

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