Thursday, November 23, 2006

On Two Wheeler Driving and such…

Well now I am a girl and 24 years at that, n what does a Girl know about Two-Wheeler drivin’..Do I hear That..?Okay siree…I am qualified because I been driving meee sweet Kiny Y2K for 6 yrs now, and does it add to my cap if I say, I have not fallen even a single time..??

Btw, I definitely cannot speak on cars or Bikes or what Hp they come in n what pick up speed they have, because I am a girl n supposedly should be scratchin’ mee pretty head when I hear those words.(So what if I cannot kickstart my kiny, when it refuses to on cold winter mornings, only because I hurts my pretty ankles ok?? Not that I cant- sheepish grin follows..)

Well, now coming back to the core of the matter (that is a very ungirlish term, now)..I been in Bangalore for 2 urs now (which pretty much gives me the authority to comment on the city or the millions of problems it faces ), I am surprised to see almost no girlies driving bikes (all two-wheelers are actually called Bikes and not only the ones that Guys drive)..I mean I though Bangalore was a Cosmo n girls would be independent..but now siree, not only do they cling onto autowallahs pr boyfriends or brothers or whoevers to go some place, unless they have cars, but they also lack the guts to even raise their voise against some wonder that the men here are starved and lech continuously..including our friends/boyfriends/husbands..LOL..Anyways we will come to that later..

However now, I started to write about this subject because yesterday while ridin’ home on my faithful kiny, there were these two guys who chased/followed me all the way from Madiwala until I reached home..maybe they were secret bodyguards appointed by Bill gates to protect me, but I believe not..What actually prompted them was, I kept on honking for a ‘pass’ because I was in a terribly great hurry since I had to meet someone, So I gave some ‘ decent’ honks and usually people let ‘decent’ ‘honkers’ pass..however these two very ‘chivalrous’ guys could not accept the fact that a pretty girl could overtake they stuck to the side of the truck and drove at a snail’s pace..This really pissed me off (that is the attitude of most of the men in India, they feel insecure when a woman gets ahead)..and I kept looking for a chance to overtake them at any cost.

I pretended as if I was trying to overtake them from the right side, and the moment they swayed to the right to block me off, I va-va-vroomed to the left and passed them, sticking out my middle finger,that is my sign of victory in such situatios..LOL..this really infuriated them and they came chasing me…Of couse now being chased does give some girls a high, but I lovingly took them to a turning near Sukhsagar, koramangala and when pretending to go straight ahead, with them at my heels, did a sudden swerve and swooped left..This immediately caused their bike to crash and dash into the fence on their left and they were ‘left’ with their mouths ‘left’ open..After that they left the game to pick on some other lil helpless banglorean girl who would get frightened and start shouting for help because she cant defend herself..

Incidents like these are not uncommon..the only thing if you are a dedicated bike rider is to learn howto swerve and how to judge when that dog 200 mtrs away will run in front of ur bike..LOL

Trust me guys, being labeled the ‘James Bond Femme Fatale’ is worth its weight in Gold.. !!