Friday, September 08, 2006

On Blogging & Bloggers..

I have been following blogs for quite some time now, thereby having come across various kinds of them. Quite a few of them actually do not still know what a blog is supposed to be. Recently there was an article in the Bangalore times about how people harp on personal stuff on blogspace and how many actually are interested in reading about others personal lives. But then that exactly is what a blog can be about..without the blogger being accused of self-centredness.Th dictionary will define a blog as a space where you write what you want and NOT what a reader may like to read. Therefore it is completely your space to etch on. However the success of a blog depends on how many people like to read to it and how many come back for more of your postings. It is supposed to totally disregard the reader’s opinions unless the comments lead to a constructive debate or argument or an analysis of the literary forms.
A while ago I visited a blogsite by some Indian female wherein she writes essays about democracy and the while I thought here is somebody who thinks of national level issues, I had a feeling I had read it somewhere before…and after some ‘going back into mind’ exercises I remembered that the articles was actually taken from a newspaper..!!This is cheap because though a blogger is not barred from pasting other’s articles, the blogger should have the humility to also mention the I do come across a poem or article which I feel must be put up in a place where more people can read about it, so I definitely post it on my blogspace..however I never forget to mention the author/poet/work.
In fact I would go to the length of saying that I would prefer to read someone who is blogging about their daily mundane activities rather than someone who is harping on classroom essays..!
Nobody wants to read about essays on the nation's constitution and democracy unless it is quite thought provoking. The new class of bloggers wants something that, when read, will churn their minds into action.
A blog-when you read it must encapsulate the reader into believing that he also follows the same thought process. A write-up about a personal issue must be like watching a movie..(this was said by a complete stranger who read my first blog)…Also the kind of grammar and language that I often come across in most of the blogs makes u want to run away pitying the blogger who actually has a good idea for a write-up but lacks the literary expertise or flow to fabricate it into a tapestry.
Also one must never use a blog for practicing your literary skills because then most people have the impression that the work is surely a copy.
Some people write a blog to let others know that they can write in English, which again clashes with the idea of the emergence of the blog.
I have complete strangers writing to me asking why I have taken off my articles because they are amazingly well written..also readers offering constructive criticisms of my form & continuity.
Ahh..this reminds me a blog is also a place where u can boast about yourself as much as u like. LOL
Now on second thoughts this statement of mine might also give u excuses to write about democracy and such crap of course stolen from newspapers…but then how many people actually come back to read your blog will show u the way..LOL
Happy Blogging..!
*btw..the stuff above is targetted at Indian Bloggers..and you know why..*

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